With a history of building carried down through the generations, Landart Group emerged from a family business with Building and Construction running deep in its veins. Established by John Landart in 1990, we have grown and adapted to latest trends in building styles and interior fashions. Our company has also moved into the Commercial Refurbishment and Building space, and have completed many large scale projects for Sydney Car Dealerships, Hotels, Offices and Government Buildings.


It’s easy to answer this question. Landart Group are known for their attention to detail and great finish on all projects. Their attention to the small things, is what makes their overall results the difference between good and outstanding. Building and renovating are costly exercises and Landart Group understand that your investment is in their capable hands. Our expertise in completing many challenging projects has given us our company the wider scope to take on multiple projects at once, with a well co-ordinated team. Our management style is callaborative with our team this shows through in our final works.


Time and time again we have clients telling us that their final project well exceeded their expectations. Our expert craftsmen and experienced staff make sure every detail is met with their utmost attention. Client consultation throughout the project is our focus, so by the end of the project you will have been informed and consulted each step of the way.


At Landart Group Builders, we are committed to ensuring the building of your project runs smoothly and seamlessly so that your experience is a stress free as possible. We start with a preliminary discussion, and overview of what is required. We establish Budget, Finish, Ideas and Specifications required. We view any plans you may have and expectations you have for the project.

Our process follows these steps:

  • Preliminary Discussion
  • Design and Consulation with Building Team
  • Design Review and Approval with quote specifics
  • Presentation of Quote
  • Fixed Price Contract signing
  • Internal organisation and approvals
  • Building Starts


The result of our consistency with client consultation, reaps many rewards, least of which is a satisfied and happy customer. In order to meet our client’s expectations, we review and consult with them so that there are now major errors to fix at the end which can be a common issue with many building projects.

Our results speak for themselves, with many clients using our company for on-going projects. Some of our clients have been with us since we began over 10 years ago. We get the most satisfaction from completing projects when the customers refers us to someone else or we are offered to work on another project for them. On-going customers are our greatest recognition for the work that we complete. If you are looking for a building company that is reliable and trustworthy, and you know you will get the job done on time and on budget, to a exceptional level, then we are the company you are looking for.